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Our Lady of Lebanon Sanctuary belongs to the Maronite Patriarchate and the Holy See represented by the Apostolic Nunciature in Lebanon who entrusted its administration to the Congregation of Lebanese Maronite Missionaries since its foundation in 1904. The shrine guardians constitute an apostolic missionary group, in accordance with constitution of the Congregation of Maronite Lebanese Missionaries.

This Sanctuary is:

An International Pilgrimage Site

Our Lady of Lebanon Sanctuary, one of the most important centers in the world for honoring Virgin Mary, draws thousands of believers from all over the world each year. As one of the Marian International Sanctuaries, it advocates for peace, and AIDS, breast cancer, diabetes, and drug addiction victims, and road safety, etc. during some of the World Days observed by the Holy-See and the UNO.

A National Site

As this Sanctuary is considered to be the ultimate place for honoring the Virgin Mary by both Christians and Muslims, its guardians host regular workshops to promote Lebanese internal reconciliation and nurture communication among all communities, thus strengthening concepts of acceptance of others, appreciation of diversity, and community life. From its location in Daroun-Harissa, Our Lady of Lebanon Sanctuary also aims at insuring the social development of surrounding communities and villages.

A Holy Place

Honoring the Virgin Mary is a major element of the spiritual life of the vast majority of believers, regardless of the religious community they would belong to. Consequently, the missionaries in charge of the administration of Our Lady of Lebanon Sanctuary work at positively reinforcing relations among all local Churches as well as different Christian communities and apostolic movements. They undertake developing spiritual and pastoral relations with all Church groups, dioceses and parishes of Lebanon by making the shrine a place open to the Church’s activities, helping it fulfill its goals, and spreading volunteering as a religious value. Through these accomplishments, the Sanctuary aims at intensifying believers’ spiritual life and contributing to the salvation of their souls.

A Marial Sanctuary

Relying on the theory as well as the practice of Mariology, guardians of the Sanctuary provide proper understanding and honoring of the Blessed Virgin. They focus on the lead of Virgin Mary of believers towards Jesus as well as on her veneration, the reverence and worship of God and the sound interpretation of the Catholic Church regarding miracles, visions, vows and other forms of piety.

A Touristic Place

Amidst a pine forest, overlooking the Bay of Jounieh, one of the most attractive panoramic views in the world, Our Lady of Lebanon Sanctuary is famous for its geographical location. The Ministry of Tourism has classified it as one of the most beautiful touristic sites in Lebanon, and works on attracting both Arab and foreign tourists.

The Sanctuary, a founder and active member of the “Association for the Development of Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism”, promotes the culture of religious tourism amongst Lebanese residents and emigrants as well as visiting tourists. It offers Christian and non-Christian visitors the opportunity to discover the principles of Christianity, the oriental ecclesiastic treasures and the position held by the Blessed Mary within the Church.